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ThirstBat Chuggers are about to hit the market!

Posted by torben landl on

After the success of the ThirstBat Slogger its time for the ThirstBat Chugger to take the lime light when we launch it to the world in the next month. We purposely have delayed the launch of the Chugger to coincide with the start of the US baseball season and the US summer. We are absolutely convinced you will be as blown away with the Chugger as the thousands of people in Australia and New Zealand who have been smashing boundaries and downing drinks all summer!

We have opened up pre sales to ensure you don't miss out out when we go live in the coming weeks!

Its almost time to step up to plate and own summer with your ThirstBat Chugger!

Regards Torben

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ThirstBat Sloggers have hit backyards all over New Zealand & Australia this summer

Posted by torben landl on

It's the end of January and thousands of ThirstBat Sloggers have hit backyards everywhere all over New Zealand and Australia. The feed back has been incredible around the quality of the product and we have been receiving loads of Snapchats, videos and message from people loving their ThirstBat's so far this summer.

The demand definitely exceeded supply as we completely sold out of our summer stock in under 24 hours pre Christmas which provided a few headaches for us trying to kick off manufacturing over the holiday period. We have since caught up and have plenty of stock on hand and are turning things around in a few days when you order online.

Very happy how this idea that we had has come from and idea over a beer to a fully funded project on Kickstarter to a design patented, trademarked market ready product that is bringing so much fun to people everywhere!

We are currently finalising our tool modifications for the ThirstBat Chugger and will be getting these out end of February and launching into the USA in April...watch this space.

Cheers Torben & Matt 

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Thirstbat Cheers

Posted by torben landl on

A big thanks to our supporters on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. To date we have generated over $40,000 in pre sales!!!  We've been working hard to stay on track with the project and get things moving along so we can get your Thirstbats to you! 

All pre orders will be shipping first week in December and we cant wait to get them out to you for the upcoming BCY season!

To everyone who has come on board, cheers! That's you ....


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Thirstbat on Kickstarter

Posted by torben landl on

Update: We're now live on Kickstarter! You can get your ThirstBat here.

The countdown is on until ThirstBat launches on Kickstarter! August 2nd is the official global launch and we can't wait to bring this product to life and to the world with your help!

The global reach ThirstBat has and its' loyal community were major reasons for me to throw my hat in the ring and try and take this fun and unique product to a position where it is commercially viable and cost effective for the everyday guy. The last 18 months have been en epic journey!
Kickstarter is the perfect launch pad as it gives us the ability to validate the product to see if people think it's as great of an idea as we do. By supporting us and ThirstBat on our Kickstarter campaign you're making it possible for us to commit to creating the ThirstBats in bulk (the unique plastic blow moulds and injection moulds don't come cheap).
We need your support at these early stages to get ThirstBat off the ground, so please register now as an early supporter and you'll be notified when we launch on Kickstarter. Spread the word and share ThirstBat with your friends, family, team mates, work colleagues, neighbours and crew.
We think every family / crew needs a ThirstBat this summer! 
Get on board now and join the ThirstBat army!
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ThirstBat in U.S.A

Posted by torben landl on

Near the end of April Matt and I decided to head stateside, we flew for 12 hours straight and ventured over to San Francisco. We witnessed some epic baseball games at AT&T stadium and were able to test our ThirstBat Chugger prototype out on the amazing people we met in America!

We were so blown away with how interested people were when they saw us carrying around our ThirstBat Chuggers. We soon realised the easiest way to describe a ThirstBat was by calling it a "Beer Bong that functions as a baseball bat, that has a built in bottle opener!" Bit of a mouthful. James Stanton a Giants Fan we met along the way, summed up the ThirstBat just perfectly. 


We had countless experiences like the one with James and it was so encouraging for Matt and I to understand the American market better so we could improve our product offering. 

The biggest takeaways from our trip were that Americans love sport, beer, fun and a bit of friendly competition. It's no wonder Americans love ThirstBat as much as Kiwis do!
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