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ThirstBat in U.S.A

Posted by torben landl on

Near the end of April Matt and I decided to head stateside, we flew for 12 hours straight and ventured over to San Francisco. We witnessed some epic baseball games at AT&T stadium and were able to test our ThirstBat Chugger prototype out on the amazing people we met in America!

We were so blown away with how interested people were when they saw us carrying around our ThirstBat Chuggers. We soon realised the easiest way to describe a ThirstBat was by calling it a "Beer Bong that functions as a baseball bat, that has a built in bottle opener!" Bit of a mouthful. James Stanton a Giants Fan we met along the way, summed up the ThirstBat just perfectly. 


We had countless experiences like the one with James and it was so encouraging for Matt and I to understand the American market better so we could improve our product offering. 

The biggest takeaways from our trip were that Americans love sport, beer, fun and a bit of friendly competition. It's no wonder Americans love ThirstBat as much as Kiwis do!
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